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About Us

About the Palma Collection

The inspiration for Palma came to us from the desire to make a positive change in our society. We believe that we are making a difference and will continue working our best to share with you an exotic, exciting, and original jewelry inspired by nature’s beauty.

Our artisans carefully and masterfully handcraft each individual piece of jewelry into stunning, colorful, and stylish designs that are dazzling the fashion industry. Each unique piece is made from a rare palm tree nut found only along South America’s coastline.

Handcrafted & Unique – Each item is individually crafted to perfection, no two pieces are identical.

Environmentally Friendly – The material used in our jewelry comes from the nut of a rare palm tree that grows only along the South American coast. The nut is harvested seasonally, only after it falls off the palm tree. Furthermore, it’s non-toxic.

Charitable Donations – We earmark and donate 5% of our gross sales to causes that support preserving Earth’s resources and fighting cancer.

About the materials - vegetable ivory

Our products are classified as vegetable ivory. More specifically it comes from the “Phytelephas Macrocarpa”: palm tree, which only grows in the tropical rain forests of the South American Pacific coasts.

These palms are short in size and grow in the humid forest, under the canopy. When the flowers of the male palm open, they drop a sweet perfume, which fills all around. Before becoming ripe, the fruit of the female palm has a sweet milk that the Indians like to drink. Its fruit looks like a bunch of pineapples inside of which you find the nuts. When they ripen, the fruit drops to the ground, and the nuts can be collected for processing. Afterwards, they must be left to dry for 2 months, and they become extremely hard.

Their size is usually equal to a chicken egg. From each bunch you can extract up to 40 nuts. The palm begins to fruit at 10 years of age, and produces around 15 to 20 kilos of nuts per year. They have an outer hard shell that can be separated after a few weeks. Then there is the nut with a dark skin, which protects the ivory.

The nut is non-toxic as are the dyes used; neither have any smell. Its cellular structure is similar to animal ivory, but it’s a little smoother, harder, and more manageable. It looks just like animal ivory in its texture, and cream color, but does have a hole inside; the nut has a hollow in the middle with a small canal running to its base, but this can be avoided when carving.

Handcrafting process

Once the nuts reach the artisan crafter, they are polished until they get that clean and shiny look. Then, the nuts are cut with extreme care in order to give them different forms, and they are French-dyed into various vivid colors. Finally, precise holes are made into the pieces to create the necklace designs with the use of premium leather straps. In the case of the earrings, silver sterling is used for the hooks.

The uniqueness of the material is also reflected in its exotic colors and creative designs, and also in the fact that each piece of the necklace or earring is one of a kind.

Watch a brief video on how our products are made…